dennisbowtiethumbThanks for visiting my Portfolio. I have interests and work experience in technology, design and communication.  I’m a proven media and technology professional with excellent communication skills; both written and oral. I’m quick to learn new concepts. I’m proficient in webpage design, graphic design,  desktop publishing and IT management .

As I say on the frontpage,“I’m a communications and design geek that wants to make the world a better  place one pixel at a time.” What this means is that I believe excellent design and well written content can make people take notice about an important issue; become part of a faith community or nonprofit or help a small business get its message and products to the public. I create websites, graphics and written content that are designed to make a difference in the world.

I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan and currently live in Minneapolis.  My hometown, which has gone through a lot in the last few years with the loss of auto industry jobs, inspires me in how the people work to preserve the past found in some of the great buildings in the city and in designing new spaces that speak to where this changing city is headed.  Minneapolis is a city where design brings life to the city and its citizens and it is something I strive for in my work.

To learn more about me, please take a look at my resume and LinkedIn profile.

Dennis Sanders
Minneapolis, MN