The words in any document such as a newsletter, magazine, or event program are important and they always will be.  But we also live in a digital age where the images we see are just as important as what we read.  If you get a newsletter with very few graphics, people might not be as interested in reading what you have to say.

That’s why layout is so important.  Putting the right images and the right words in the right place matters.  If you get the mix right, you will have a publication that people will want to read every time a new issue comes out.

I’ve been working with layout design since around 2007.  Over this time my work and responsibilities have evolved, with the layouts becoming more complex and compelling.  In that time I’ve learned to use the tools that can help me do a more complete end product.  I’ve used Microsoft Publisher, and Mac “Pages” over the years, and have now moved to Adobe Indesign and Illustrator.  It’s exciting to be continually improving my skills.

On this page are some of my layouts for both print and digital communications.  Please click on the images to learn more about each project.