Lawrence Richardson Social Media Strategist, UCC Minister, Church Planter, Digital Evangelist, Writer
Lawrence Richardson
Dennis is very tech savvy and can figure out any digital media task before him. I've witnessed Dennis work proficiently in web design, app development, and digital communications.
Sally Howell Johnson Minister of Spiritual Formation at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
Sally Howell Johnson
Dennis is a great communicator and team member. He is creative and forward thinking. He works collaboratively and brings rich assets to any organization.
Duane Sweep Director of Communications at Synod of Lakes and Prairies, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Duane Sweep
I consider Dennis both a friend and colleague in religion communications. He not only has the requisite communication skills -- in both the written and spoken word -- but also a strong grasp of the technological skills necessary for communicating in a media-driven environment. He has a keen ability to prepare messages and the skills necessary to propel that message to appropriate audiences.
Rev. Denise Dunbar-Perkins MDiv, BCC Board Certified Chaplain at Abbott Northwestern Hospital
Rev. Denise Dunbar-Perkins MDiv, BCC
Dennis was on staff at the Presbytery of the Twin Cities to give IT support for the then 68 churches of the district. He produced a well designed, user friendly website for the organization. It really enhanced communications among the churches and committees which was solely needed because of the wide geographic locations of the churches. He was also a reliable resource for those of us who needed to "upgrade" our use of technology.
Gordon Dosher Experienced product development and quality leader
Gordon Dosher
Dennis is excellent in web designer and, as important great at keeping web sites up-to-date. When he took over responsibility for the Presbytery of the Twin Cities web site several years ago, he completely renovated it, made it much easier to navigate, easy to read, and interesting. Dennis kept information current, unlike many sites that go stale. When economic conditions eliminated Dennis' position, members spoke glowingly of his work. In addition to web design, Dennis uses social media to keep himself and the organizations he works for. In his church roles, he makes postings to keep people informed of events and keep them connected. He is a prolific blogger who has clear and compelling messages. In short, Dennis Sanders is a complete e-media professional who puts the best interests of the organizations he works for first.